Hire an Exclusive Buyer Agent and Avoid Homebuyer’s Remorse

Don’t pay too much for your San Antonio home.

It’s tempting to just go to open houses, search for homes online, or call the phone number on a yard sign when you see a house you like. But if you’re house hunting without an Exclusive Buyer Agent, you could end up paying too much...or missing out altogether.

The only way to make sure you see the widest selection and get the best possible deal when you buy a home in San Antonio is to hire your own Exclusive Buyer Agent to represent you before you start shopping.

Keep this in mind when searching for houses for sale in San Antonio TX:

  • It costs you nothing to hire your own Exclusive Buyer Agent at The Totin Group. Typically, our fee is paid by the seller. So you get expert representation, usually at no out-of-pocket cost to you.
  • Your Exclusive Buyer Agent works only for you. By law, as your agent, we have to do everything possible to protect you and give you the advantage in the transaction. This may mean uncovering and sharing facts about the house, the neighborhood, or the seller’s financial situation that can help you negotiate the lowest-possible price and the best terms.
  • The seller’s agent does not work for you. Under Texas law, the real estate agent who lists a property for sale typically has an exclusive fiduciary duty to the seller. She must do everything possible to give the seller any advantage in the transaction. In fact, no matter how friendly and helpful the listing agent is, she is working against you. Because her job is to sell the home for as much money as possible, for the most seller-friendly terms she can negotiate.
  • The seller’s agent is required by law to keep secrets from you. The seller’s agent cannot tell you about intangibles that could make the house less desirable, such as a sex offender living next door, terrible schools, pending road construction, high crime rates or plummeting property values. He also can’t disclose facts that could give you a negotiating advantage, such as why the house is for sale or what the seller’s financial situation is.
  • The seller’s agent is required to tell your secrets. You can’t say anything “off the record” to the seller’s agent about your finances, how much you’re really willing to pay, how quickly you need to move in or anything else. According to the real estate laws in Texas, the seller’s agent has to tell her client anything that may give the seller an advantage over you. Even if you intended to say it “in confidence.”

The Buyer Agents at The Totin Group have helped so many San Antonio home buyers get their choice of home at the best price and terms imaginable. Why not call our expert buyer representatives today at (210) 872-8888 and discover how we can help you attain the home, and lifestyle, of your dreams—usually at no out-of-pocket cost to you?

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